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Imagine getting recognized, exhibited, and paid what you deserve for your art!

Artists who came to the 2007 Telesummit learned specific ways to succeed without sacrificing their artistic voice or wasting tons of time on dry business stuff and the wrong marketing strategies — and now you can too!

You want the freedom to create. Like most artists I know, I’m guessing you find your valuable time and energy beaten up by the demands of making a living. You want to turn your art into income, but the options seem so limited (Galleries? Art fairs? Agents… what agents?) the competition is endless, and the art world merciless and confusing.

I suspect you don’t want to even look at a bank statement, never mind balance a checkbook, write a business plan, or develop a marketing campaign.

You want to immerse yourself in creative flow, not the burdens of creating cash flow! You don’t mind rolling up your sleeves once in while, if only you knew what to do — what really works, and what doesn’t.

Hi, I’m Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.,
I created this art career conference, the smARTis Telesummit, so you can get recognized, exhibited, and paid what you deserve for your art, without compromising the creative flow that is your lifeblood - or spending lots of money and tons of time.

Introducing seven days, one dozen art-career experts with their 17 nitty-gritty speaker sessions and their 22 detailed handouts. These sessions and handouts covered the most complete range of art-career and marketing information ever delivered anywhere, online or off.

I know the balancing act of most artists’ budgets. That’s why I persuaded these 12 mastery-level experts to come together for the Telesummit — so you can access their wealth of wisdom at a price you can afford.

Nowadays, many professionals want to keep their “secrets” secret, because it’s job security. These experts laid it on the line, all the tips and tricks that they have learned over the years. I was able to take their years of experience to escalate and grow my business that much faster. Everyone was so honest and radiated awesome energy and knowledge. Thank you for everything!

The live event is over, but you can still get access to ALL the information.

For less than the cost of a weekend workshop, you can have the recordings for all 7 days, including two 90-minute panel discussions and 15 keynote sessions, plus 22 PDF handouts from each and every presentation.

Immerse yourself in advice from successful artists and marketing experts who are doing what you want to do: making a living — a GOOD living — from their art.

I had a huge concern that this conference would not be a good fit because I’m not focused on selling my art in galleries and to collectors. After yesterday's first panel session, I see that the marketing ideas are helpful across the board. I doubt that I would be where I am with regard to the DVD, web sites, and earning affiliate sales without smARTist. I've participated in many, many courses and it's wonderful this time to be among people who are concerned about focusing on the arts.

Listen on your schedule, at your speed, wherever you happen to be — in your living room, in your car, at the gym, in your studio. It’s your own immersion course in everything you want to know about marketing your art.

As an art educator and artist, I signed up for smARTist Telesummit, knowing that my full-time teaching meant delayed evening access to the information. But I have been steadily listening, writing, making notes (and plans) as I slowly transition from full-time teaching to exhibiting and selling my art.

Thank you for putting together such a practical and inspirational set of discussions. I was encouraged by hearing what I was doing right. I often recognized myself as I listened to Molly Gordon. I was challenged to a greater professionalism by Michael Woodward, and really, by every speaker.

You buy only the best materials and supplies for your creative work. Now, for the first time, you have a similar opportunity to buy the best art-career and marketing know-how.

This smARTist Conference has been excellent. It was a big decision for me to take the risk and spend the money and I’m extremely pleased. The presenters give genuinely of their knowledge. I don’t feel as if anyone is holding back promised information. I have learned many specific things, and I am gaining a better understanding of the BIG picture.

You deserve every chance possible to put your work in the world and reach the audience you want.

The smARTist Telesummit 2007 Experts

Molly Gordon, MCC

Molly Gordon

Molly Gordon, an internationally recognized Master Certified Coach, works with “Accidental Entrepreneurs” to bridge the gap between doing what they love and earning a living. Her clients range from artists to professionals to non-profit and governmental organizations.

She has created Authentic Promotion: Grow Your Business, Feed Your Soul, a mind-body-spirit approach to embody prosperity based on service, purpose, and lifelong learning. Tens of thousands of people subscribe to Molly’s free ezine and visit her Web sites to be challenged and supported to show up, serve, and prosper. Since 1993, she has helped thousands of professionals and artists develop prosperous businesses founded on their deepest values.

An avid student of Spiral Dynamics and Integral Theory, Molly is fascinated by the personal potential for collective awareness and effectiveness in everyday business concerns: pricing, competition, money, and marketing. Her lifelong commitment is bridging the gap between material attainments and nurturing the human soul.

Molly’s approach is straightforward, sassy, and smart. She’s a refreshing voice in a business world that can feel full of hype and manipulation.

Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward

Michael Woodward’s art licensing company, one of the first in Europe, licensed over $600 million in retail products over 22 years, and represented artists, illustrators and photographers working with national and international manufactures and publishers, including Athena International (posters, prints, greetings cards); Hallmark (greetings cards); American Greetings; Nestle; Scandecor (posters); Verkerke (posters and cards) among dozens of other international publishers.

As an artist advocate, Michael has also organized and run major art exhibitions, including one at the Allerton “gothic” Castle in the UK, which was featured on BBC TV, and another that caught Elton John’s attention, who commissioned the artist.

Michael’s book, Licensing Art 101, is regarded as “the handbook” on art licensing for artists entering this lucrative industry. He has a vast experience in many aspects of licensing from character merchandise and animation to fine art publishing in limited gallery editions as well as mass marketing via high street retailers.

Alyson B. Stanfield

Alyson Stanfield

Art-marketing consultant and artist advocate, Alyson B. Stanfield, founded in 2002 to help artists promote themselves and build their businesses. Prior to that, she was advising artists from the early 1990s when she was a museum curator.

Ms. Stanfield has worked in art museums for ten years, most recently serving as Director of Education at the Wichita Art Museum in Wichita, Kansas. She has been the Curator of Education at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art at the University of Oklahoma, and Curator at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. While working in museums, Ms. Stanfield wrote and obtained numerous grants for her programs, and served as a grants panel reviewer for state arts councils and the Institute for Museum and Library Services. She was honored to serve as a field reviewer for the accreditation program of the American Association of Museums.

Ms. Stanfield has regular columns in Art Business News and Sculptural Pursuit magazine. Her museum publications include "Polka Dot Angels and Checkerboard Soles: DeLoss McGraw's Rambling Shoe Series," an essay for the Scottsdale Center for the Arts' exhibition catalogue As a Poem, So is a Picture. Her recent focus has resulted in the e-book Artists in Museums: What You Need to Know.

Ms. Stanfield received her master's degree in art history from the University of Texas at Austin and her undergraduate degree in art history from the University of Oklahoma.

Claudine Hellmuth

Claudine Hellmuth

Claudine Hellmuth holds a BFA in fine art from the Corcoran College of Art, and is a nationally known collage artist. Her work has been chosen as fine art poster designs, featured in numerous magazines, used as book cover artwork, published as rubber-stamps, drink coasters, journals, magnets and more.

In addition to creating her artwork full-time, Claudine teaches mixed media collage workshops in the US & Canada, and has written 2 books. Collage Discovery Workshop and Collage Discovery Workshop: Beyond the Unexpected have sales of over 35,000. She was a guest on the Carol Duvall show on HGTV demonstrating techniques from her book.

Claudine's studio and home is in Orlando, Florida USA, where she lives with her husband, Paul and their very spoiled 4-legged children — Toby the wonder dog and Mable & Maggie the cats.

Geoffrey Gorman

Geoffrey Gorman

After studying at the Maryland Institute of Art and the Boston Museum School, Geoffrey Gorman moved to New Mexico and worked for ten years in the gallery world. Subsequently, he became director of the Horwitch LewAllen Gallery, and executive director for the estate of Allan Houser, a renowned Native American sculptor.

Ten years ago, Gorman founded GG+A, a consulting and career development firm working with artists, museums, and arts organizations in the US and Europe. He has written articles on the business of art for Art Calendar, The Artist’s Magazine and The Pastel Journal. Gorman is also the founder and author of Artist Career Training (ACT), a comprehensive 12-month program and workbook for artists.

Geoffrey has given workshops and seminars for a variety of arts organizations including the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts, The Albuquerque Arts Alliance, Artisan/Santa Fe, Northern New Mexico Studio Tour Association, and The Collector’s Guide in Albuquerque. He has also worked with Art in the Mountains in Bend, Oregon; Art Materials Expo in Pasadena, California; and the Sedona Arts Center, in Sedona, Arizona, among others.

After selling Artist Career Training three years ago, Gorman now runs, an online business offering practical information on marketing for artists. He also exhibits his own artwork around the country.

Aletta de Wal

Aletta de Wal

Aletta de Wal, M.Ed. is equal parts artist, educator and entrepreneur. With a successful track record of creating, producing and selling her own work, managing a studio-gallery and delivering entrepreneurial workshops, Aletta now inspires fine artists to make a better living making art through the Artist Career Training program. As Director, she conducts personal consultations, professionally designed educational programs, and practical, independent study products.

Artist Career Training operates as a “virtual university,” offering a full curriculum of programs developed over ten years. Artists can learn how to make a better living making art, with or without gallery representation and in any economy. Real learning is exchanged virtually among artists and faculty across time and space by a combination of surface mail, telephone class, recordings, and a variety of Internet technologies (web site, message boards, on-line discussion groups, desktop computer conferencing).

Steve White

Steve White

Steve White founded Growth Communications in 2000 to empower small businesses to succeed on the Internet without being held prisoner by their webmaster. Before that, he worked with a variety of arts organizations including Carnegie Hall, Alliance for the Arts (NYC), The Cathedral of St. John the Divine (NYC), and the Tchaikovsky Chamber Orchestra (NYC).

Since starting Growth Communications, he has been involved in marketing and development for,,, as well as dozens of small businesses including artists, photographers, illustrators, designers, and musicians. Steve speaks extensively to audiences about the internet — in person, on radio, and online.

Linda Fries

Linda Fries

Linda Fries, a San Francisco artist, has been painting professionally since the late 1970's. During the first fifteen years of her career, she was satisfied with painting in the abstract manner using commercial art materials. However, in 1993, she abruptly abandoned her indoor studio art practice, ceased using most conventional materials, and began her search for new ways of making art that would be more compatible with the natural world.

For four years she worked entirely outdoors in wild places under open skies, using only simple, earth-based materials: sumi ink from burnt pine bark and earth-wise, recycled or handmade papers. Immersed daily in the natural world, she found that a new perspective emerged. Themes in nature informed her images and the colors of the earth called to her. Eventually, a passion for true, local color took over.

Fries began incorporating the very ground on which she sat into her paintings. In her work, Fries uses only natural materials, which she collects and prepares herself. In addition to painting, Linda Fries is on the Board of Directors of WEAD: Women Environmental Artists Directory. She also lectures and gives workshops on a variety of subjects in the arts.

Joan Stewart

Joan Stewart

Joan Stewart's free publicity campaign started at age 10 when her hometown newspaper wrote a story about a blue ribbon she won for a 4-H sewing project at the Ohio State Fair. From then on, she was hooked on publicity.

Today, Joan teaches “Publicity Hounds” how to catch the attention of frazzled news directors, busy reporters and grumpy editors. In fact, she worked as a grumpy editor at three daily newspapers and The Business Journal in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

As a publicity expert, media relations consultant, and professional speaker, she shows people how to use the media to establish their credibility, enhance their reputation, position themselves as experts, sell more products and services, promote a favorite cause or issue, and establish their companies as employers of choice.

Her popular electronic newsletter called "The Publicity Hound's Tips of the Week" goes to more than 20,000 subscribers worldwide and includes the best publicity tips and good clean dog jokes (one per issue) you'll find anywhere. She lives, and tries to stay warm, in Port Washington, Wisconsin.

Adam J. Natale

Adam J. Natale

Adam Natale is the Director of Member Services with Fractured Atlas, a multi-disciplinary, non-profit arts service organization, which provides resources and support to over 26,000 artists nationwide.

He has initiated collaborative partnerships with multiple local and national arts organizations and spearheaded a healthcare advocacy campaign for artists in the D.C. Area. He also represents Fractured Atlas at national arts conferences, including serving as a panelist at the recent TCG Conference. Adam is a graduate of American University with a degree in Directing for Theatre and Film. And he is passionate about using the collective force of artists to create new possibilities for how we can thrive.

Susan Greaves

Susan Greaves

For over seven years, Susan has sold her paintings on eBay, while keeping her previous connections to the galleries, honorary art associations, and other venues that built her career. Susan found eBay to be the most direct way to present her work to gallery owners, art dealers, and private collectors. The 10's of millions of people browsing through eBay means a huge audience views her work, far more than would ever see her in local, regional, or even national shows or galleries.

She started selling on eBay when it was in its infancy, and has learned how an eBay strategy is different from the traditional art market. The art category is unlike any of the other categories on eBay. With hit or miss and much research, Susan learned the essentials of a listing strategy, how the work must be presented, why you need “customer service,” how to build a following, encourage repeat purchases, handle shipping options and international sales, and why you network with other artists.

For almost as long as Susan has been selling on eBay, she has also been mentoring other artists to represent themselves online.

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D.

And of course, your host and smARTist TeleSummit 2007 moderator. I have been an ally for creative professionals, who realize that presenting their work with credibility is as basic as good art supplies, ever since walking away with my doctorate in Human Development & Creative Behavior 13 years ago.

As a writer, coach, and entrepreneur, who grew up in a family of artists, my gift is balancing ‘right-brain’ creativity with the more ‘left-brain’ strategies you need for successful career development.

The only book written on writing the artist statement, Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work has been recommended coast-to-coast, from the President of the Federation of Canadian Artists to the Career Center for Boston’s School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

I watched my income triple in 3 months after developing my current website: I realized I’d hit on critical pieces about website development and marketing, from outside the artist community, that could benefit creative professionals who are hungry for practical, solid information. From that unpresumptuous beginning, this smARTist TeleSummit 2007 was born.

P.S. My articles have been published online and off, in fine art, ceramic, sculpture and surface design publications in the USA & Canada. I’ve directed art programs for an urban recreation center; led drama, movement, and writing workshops for children and adolescents; taught adults at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts; and have been a keynote speaker at national art conferences.

Because this Home Study Edition is being taken off the market, this is the Last Time you can get all of this information, inspiration and insight about...

  • Approaching galleries … the right way!
  • Selling on eBay … consistently, so it really works
  • Getting free publicity … every time
  • Knowing when, and when not, to approach a museum
  • How to get collectors without a gallery
  • Setting up your website so it sells your work, in or out of a gallery
  • How to attract collectors with your artist statement
  • The tricks for using CraigsList as a global publicity tool
  • How to host your own exhibition … successfully!
  • The basic requirements for licensing your work
  • Writing a book … to show off your art or expertise
  • Creating sell-out workshops, that also sell your art
  • How to make sure you’re safe from toxic art materials
  • Building your local name & fame into a national one
  • How to create a partnership between inspiration and income
  • Basic mistakes you don’t want to make on your website
  • Why you need the support and safety net of other artists — and how to find it

You will also learn…

  • A quick strategy to get the skinny on journalists & developments in your field of art — without wasting hours combing newspaper headlines
  • How to start a blog in fifteen minutes or less — and what to write about once it’s up
  • 9 cheapskate-friendly ways to generate tons of online publicity for your art
  • Getting published is a snap when you target this hot niche, which is hungry for new artists
  • How to impress gallery dealers when your only references are friends and family
  • How to write a “how-to” art book without writing the whole book
  • Book proposals so easy you can almost write them in your sleep
  • Finding a venue for a workshop or class — even on your shoestring budget
  • How to banish first-time jitters when you teach your first workshop
  • Why you should always have a contract for your workshops — and what a good one looks like
  • What’s talent got to do with it? Why your success as an artist has little to do with abilities or desire.
  • Beyond your first exhibit: How to create success with your art that lasts!
  • Work smarter: Learn which areas of your art career you must treat like a job
  • Even all-natural, non-toxic materials might not be earth-safe! Discover how to tell the difference between safe and unsafe materials.
  • Why artist statements are such a big deal — and how 3 small paragraphs will increase sales
  • 9 ways gallery owners use artist statements
  • How to convince a gallery to accept your artist statement — even if its policy is not to
  • 7 common artist statement blunders that will destroy your professional credibility — and how to avoid them
  • How to launch an authentic buzz-marketing campaign for your art — successfully!
  • Why you should never rely on instant results — and how to plan for long-term marketing
  • 27 ways to flood your website with potential collectors
  • 8 ways to optimize your website for search engines — without hiring an expensive SEO expert
  • Eternal life for press releases: how to make your press release an effective publicity tool for years to come
  • Two proven ways to find & attract collectors — even if you don’t have a gallery
  • The most important pre-requisite for showing and selling your work in alternative spaces — and the one step that will put you ahead of most other artists
  • A one-minute strategy to transform stress about money into calm inspiration
  • How to develop a Reap While You Sleep strategy for your website without being tacky — and while staying true to yourself
  • Forget website statistics — here’s how you turn more visitors into collectors
  • A common mistake that could cost you up to 700% profit on your first published book — and what to do instead
  • 11 common ways artists “turn off” website visitors: Are you making these mistakes?
  • Why “Welcome to my website” has the opposite effect — and how to get collectors immediately engaged
  • How to research product categories, color, and trends to identify the best licensing clients for your work
  • Is your work right for licensing? Find out how to know!
  • A common copyright mistake many artists make, and how to ensure you don’t overlook it
  • How to find artistic collaborators — even if you live in a tiny town in New Mexico and don’t know anyone
  • Feeling stuck? Learn one of the most overlooked ways to break through artistic blocks
  • How to use eBay to sell your art online — without having a website
  • 3 critical factors to consider when pricing your eBay product — and how lowering your price can actually fatten your wallet

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Get Recognized for Your Art!
5 Art career experts answer your questions on the best strategies for getting recognition.
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Get Paid for Your Art!
5 Art career experts answer your questions on the best strategies for getting paid.
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  1. Getting Free Publicity!
  2. Dealing with Gallery Owners
  3. Successful Artist as Workshop Leader and Writer
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  1. 5 Myths That Stop You from Making a Profit
  2. You, the Earth & Toxic Art
  3. Avoid These Basic Artist Statement Mistakes
MP3 audio, worth $79
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Day 5 Keynotes
  1. 3 Inescapable Laws of Selling Your Art
  2. 7 Reasons Why Your Website is a Waste of Money
  3. Getting Collectors without Getting a Gallery
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Day 6 Keynotes
  1. 5¾ Keys to Overnight Success: Making a Name for Yourself
  2. Earn More $$: What You Must Know About Licensing Your Art
  3. Avoid These Common Website Mistakes
MP3 audio, worth $79
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Day 7 Keynotes
  1. New Strategies for Thiving as an Artist: There is Power in Numbers!
  2. Selling Your Art on eBay
  3. What You Must Know About Museums
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I know the balancing act of most artists’ budgets. That's why I persuaded these 12 "mastery-level" experts to come together for the smARTist Telesummit — so you can access their wealth of wisdom at a price you can afford.

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